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Whyte Leading Candidate for the Most Brutal Knockout of the Year

On March 24th, we had a chance to witness quite an exciting match between Briton Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne. Some would even call the fight violent even though we’re talking contact sports. Whyte’s knockout of Browne was so brutal that Sky Sports wouldn’t show a replay. Two words describe this KO – absolute destruction.

Those looking forward to seeing a competitive boxing match were not happy with Browne’s performance on Saturday. The boxing match lasted for six rounds. During the fight, Whyte was in perfect shape, his punches were accurate, and he was dominating the game. From the first round and onwards, it was clear the betting sites’ favourite was going to win the match.

On the other hand, Browne proved he wasn’t ready for the match. First of all, he was not in a good shape judging by his physique. In the first round, Browne was more or less confronting Whyte. However, in the rounds to come, the number of punches Browne threw rapidly decreased. The Australian landed 36 punches, as opposed to Whyte’s 109.

It was surprising that Browne’s corner let the boxer come back in the sixth round. The final, sixth round, ended with Whyte’s savage knockout that left Browne lying on the floor unconscious for several minutes. Later on, Browne went to hospital for observation.

Before the fight, Browne aggravated Whyte. He said, “90 percent of the time I am happy-go-lucky, but that other 10 percent of me is just twisted and wrong, and I like the fact that in a boxing ring I can let that out, and he’s (Whyte) going to get all of that.” Now, it is clear Browne’s promises didn’t come true.

After the fight was over, Whyte said, “Deontay Wilder where you at? June – let’s go.” Dillian set his focus on fighting with Wilder in June. The Body Snatcher is also willing to meet Anthony Joshua in the ring, but he thinks defeating Wilder would be much easier.

We’ll see Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker fight on March 31st. Even though there are no dates for the bout between Whyte and Wilder, that fight is bound to happen eventually.

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