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West Ham United F.C. Charged With an Anti-Doping Violation

Earlier this week, the UK Football Association (FA) charged West Ham United with an anti-doping violation. The charge comes from West Ham not providing ‘the whereabouts of the club.’

West Ham received charges for breaching FA’s regulation 14d.

The FA has a rule that requires teams to update their whereabouts from time to time. This enables the FA to conduct anti-doping testing at any moment. However, it seems that West Ham failed to inform the authority, which resulted in this charge.

West Ham United F.C. Charged With an Anti-Doping Violation

The FA said, “It is alleged the club failed to ensure ‘club whereabouts' information was accurate on three occasions within 12 months.”

On the other hand, West Ham’s officials issued a statement in which they guarantee that this has nothing to do with the players and anti-doping testing. Instead, they claim that this was an administrative mistake.

Here is the statement in total, “We would like to make it clear that the breach is a club administrative matter and does not concern any of our players. The breach relates to administrative oversights on the FA's whereabouts system.”

However, both parties are yet to reveal the details of this charge. So, until then, we won’t know who is in the wrong for sure. West Ham will have until February 27th to respond to these claims.

On the other hand, West Ham faces Liverpool this Saturday. The Reds are clear favourites on the UK betting sites, but West Ham is always a tough opponent. Let's hope that these FA accusations won't influence their performance on Saturday.

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