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UK’s Mark Cavendish Won’t Compete in the Race of Two Seas

Mark Cavendish will not be competing in the Race of Two Seas after he crashed on the opening stage of Tirreno-Adriatico on March 7th. Not only did the Manxman sprinter suffer multiple injuries, but he was also eliminated from the Tirreno-Adriatico race. Despite his efforts, Cavendish did not manage to finish the first stage within the time limit.

UK's Mark Cavendish Won't Compete in the Race of Two Seas

So far, 2018 didn’t bring much luck to Cavendish. Before this week’s crash, the 32-year-old sprinter had another accident last month in Abu Dhabi.

At the 2018 Abu Dhabi tour, Cavendish decided to abandon the race after his fall on the first stage. Mark got a concussion and a whiplash injury. The rider’s team decided it’s best for Cavendish to stop racing as they didn’t want to endanger his health. Cavendish left the tour on February 21, 2018.

Apart from the two recent crashes, Mark Cavendish also fell on stage four of the Tour de France in 2017. The rider, once again, had to abandon the race following an accident with Peter Sagan.

The Slovak has been disqualified from the tour that year. There have been debates whether or not Sagan intentionally pushed Cavendish with his elbow. Deliberately or not, the result of the Cavendish’s fall was a dislocated right shoulder. The tour referees decided to disqualify Sagan from the competition as he “had put several other riders involved in the crash in danger.”

Commenting on the Cavendish’s most recent crash, sports director, Roger Hammond said, “My mum always used to say bad things come in threes.” From Hammond’s point of view, the worst should be over now, as Cavendish already had his three bad things in a relatively short time frame.

He is recovering from the crash successfully. It’s still early to say whether or not the Manxman sprint rider will fully recover before the Milan-San Remo race.

The Spring Classic is just around the corner, and it will begin on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Just a couple of days are left before the race, and some of the best betting sites accept bets for the winner of Milan-San Remo 2018. Who do you think will win the Spring classic?

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