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Tyson Fury Cost the UK Anti-Doping Agency £577,000 in Legal Fees

Recently, Tyson Fury, the former IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion, got his boxing licence reinstated by the BBBofC. Fury lost his licence in 2015 after testing positive for a banned steroid called nandrolone. And earlier this week, the UK Anti-Doping agency came out with the details about Fury’s case.

Tyson Fury Cost the UK Anti-Doping Agency £577,000 in Legal Fees

On the February 2015, both the former champ and his cousin Hughie Fury tested positive for a banned substance. Fury famously blamed the positive test on eating the uncastrated wild boar meat. This resulted in a legal battle that lasted for two years until both parties reached a compromise. Tyson accepted a backdated two-year ban and agreed not to press further charges.

The whole ordeal cost the UK Anti-Doping agency £577,000, which is around 7% of its annual budget. You see, the anti-doping agency receives £5 million in government funding and £3 million from their commercial activities each year. If Fury decided to continue his legal case against the agency that could have easily made them go bankrupt.

The statement from the agency

However, Nicole Sapstead, the chief executive of the agency said that they were never in danger of bankruptcy.

Here is her full statement, “The money spent by UK Anti-Doping in the Fury case shows that if we determine there is evidence of doping, we will pursue a case against an athlete, coach or doctor, regardless of their public profile or status. In this case, two anti-doping rule violations were upheld and two-year bans given to each athlete.”

Nicole then added, “We are always careful about how we spend public money, and we made these legal decisions for the right reasons and not financial ones.”

Fury’s boxing comeback should be sometime this summer if everything goes well. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who will be his first opponent. However, we can imagine that he will be the betting sites’ favourite despite not fighting for a long time. After all, he is a former heavyweight champion and still undefeated.

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