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Trade Rumours: Riyad Mahrez to City, Bale to United, Fekir to Liverpool and Jorginho Gets Shot Down

The football world is abuzz with rumours of trades, and the next season might be a very exciting one for bettors, as they grab their phones and log  into their UK betting apps, or head down to their closest bookie.

Trade Rumours: Riyad Mahrez to City, Bale to United, Fekir to Liverpool and Jorginho Gets Shot Down

The very first rumour up for discussion is the crossing of Riyad Mahrez to Manchester City. If the sources at the Daily Mail are to be trusted, Mahrez is about to become a part of the City line-up for £75 million, and the transfer might happen very soon. City is the reigning champion, and Guardiola is very keen on keeping the title in his hands.

Along with Mahrez’s transfer, there are rumours of a much more improbable, yet intriguing transfer. Gareth Bale, the hero of the 2018 Champions League finals, might be transferring to Manchester United. However, these rumours might be just this, as Jose Mourinho said that the price for Bale might be too steep; even more so because he’s already 29 years old, and that he might be past his prime despite scoring one of the most beautiful goals in the Champions League finals.  

On the other hand, Liverpool is out to reinforce their line-up too. They’ve set their sights on Nabil Fekir, and are ready to negotiate the transfer with Lyon. Liverpool will also watch him perform at the World Cup, and will base their decision on that. Again, we have to be remember of Liverpool’s loss in the Champions League, so our best guess is that Klopp wants to reinforce Salah’s position to combat potential injuries.

For Jorge Jorginho, however, this season’s trades will begin with a slight disappointment. Napoli pitched him to Manchester City for £39 million, but the City turned down the offer. However, other clubs are interested in the midfielder as well. Italians are offering him to Chelsea, although at a much steeper price of £52 million. Napoli’s officials are also very confident that Chelsea will take him, as they claim Maurizio Sarri will want to sign him if he becomes Chelsea’s new head coach.

Finally, there’s a bit of news coming from Arsenal. Arsenal is trying to sign Sokratis Papastathopoulos, looking to strengthen their team defensively. According to Daily Mail, Arsenal plans to pay £12 million for the defender.

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