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Tottenham 4 Liverpool 1: Deficient defence by the visitors allows for a brutal rend

After an efficient and decisive victory over Liverpool, Tottenham climbed up to a third place position on the Premier League charts. Being tied with Manchester United at second place, the Spurs are closer and closer to being serious contenders for the title this season.

Tottenham 4 Liverpool 1: Deficient defence by the visitors allows for a brutal rend


Even though the home team raked in four goals in a pleasant display of football, there has to be mention of the ever lackluster defencive performance by Liverpool. What does Jürgen Klopp need to do to establish cohesion between his back line?

The initial successful strike came from Harry Kane who then proceeded to do one better by providing for Hueng-Min Son to establish a two-nil lead for the Spurs. Liverpool were fast to reply with one of their own when Móhamed Salah received a wonderful cross-field pass from the team’s captain, Jordan Henderson.

Jurgen Klopp pulled out Lovren for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after the former’s massive misread of the enemy’s offense lead to them scoring the second goal. While Salah’s goal almost promised a classic match for the fans, that idea was soon shattered. In the third minute of overtime, just before the end of the first half, Dele Alli added one up to Tottenham’s score by an amazing volley from 18 yards away.

A bit over 10 minutes in the second half, Kane got his second goal of the game thanks to a rebound from Jan Vertonghen’s shot after a botched free kick clear by Mignolet.

Liverpool’s best chance to close the gap between them and the home team fell to Philippe Coutinho. Shooting from the edge of the area, he came short as Lloris pushed the ball on to the crossbar with a one-handed save.

Tottenham prepare for their next opponent, Manchester United for a chance to break their tie, while Liverpool plummet to ninth place.

What We Learned

Any and every fear that Tottenham fans might’ve had regarding Kane’s scoring at their temporary home can now be dismissed. His tireless offense and movement, outmaneuvering Liverpool’s back line was a welcome sight. A worrying prospect for Tottenham is what appeared as a hamstring injury, forcing manager Mauricio Pochettino to pull Kane off the field. Nevertheless, the Spurs are on a trek and they’re going hard, aiming for the prize at the top.

Liverpool’s defense is in shambles. Lovren’s mistake awarded him with a place on the bench but even after the substitution and reinforcement of the back line, there was no improvement. Conceding 16 goals  over nine games this season, a record number for Liverpool since 1964-65, shows how much work Klopp indeed has in front of him. Mignolet would do well to do some work of his own as his critical errors, of which he has 13 since making his Liverpool debut in 2013, gifted Kane two goals.

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