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The One and Only Zlatan is Back!

Eric Bailly on alert, Zlatan’s back!

Good news for Manchester United fans, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming back. The Swedish legend is nearing ever closer to his comeback to the Premier League. Thanks to an injury back in April which damaged his knee ligaments, he was forced to operate and physically rehabilitate.

The One and Only Zlatan is Back!

Back in August, his teammate Bailly was caught on video as he jokingly punched and kicked the one and only Zlatan before sprinting out of the room as fast as possible. We all know how dangerous of a move going against Zlatan can be so we can’t blame him. Ibrahimovic shared a picture of the video on his Instagram profile saying: ”Now he can’t run away”.

After going under the knife in Pittsburgh, top orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Freddie Fu stated that the Swede’s health and strength are top notch. Even though it will be a few weeks before Zlatan comes back, many signs are pointing to the powerful striker putting on the red shirt before the end of this year. The most notable sign being the Red Devils’ manager, Jose Mourinho, who stated that he wants Ibrahimovic to take his time, but his personal opinion is that we will see him on field in 2017.

The Reds have a good standing in the Premier League, sitting at number 2 while being tied at 20 points with Tottenham. Even still, it looks quite obvious that their game plan is incomplete, the lack of experience of many of the young players in the squad surely being a huge factor. This is where Zlatan Ibrahimovic shines more than most players active today and that might be what will take Manchester United to the top of the table.

Mourinho also noted that another benefit to having Zlatan back on the pitch would be the ability to take pressure off Romelu Lukaku and let him rest from time to time, something which is impossible until Ibra returns. United are set to face Tottenham on the 28th of October this Saturday, who are in good form and both teams stand at 20 points in the Premier League.

Look out in the next couple of weeks for the return of Zlatan and if you’re looking to place a wager on Saturday’s game, check out some UK betting sites where you can do so.

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