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Sebastian Vettel Wins British Grand Prix, Hamilton Second

The winner of this year’s British Grand Prix is Sebastian Vettel who now has an eight-point lead over Lewis Hamilton. For Hamilton, this race turned out to be a bumpy ride, as Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen bumped into his car during the first lap. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old driver recovered from the incident and finished the race second, while Raikkonen took the third place.

Sebastian Vettel managed to stop Lewis Hamilton’s winning streak at this year’s British Grand Prix. Namely, Hamilton won the British GP four consecutive times between 2014 and 2017. The Briton also won this World Championship event in 2008.

This year, after a series of unpredicted events, the British Grand Prix title went to Ferrari’s Vettel. Just as the race started, Raikkonen took Hamilton for a spin as he slammed into his car. Raikkonen got a ten-second penalty, but this didn’t change the fact that Hamilton slipped to position number 18.

However, this was not a good enough reason for the Briton to hand the win to over to Vettel. Hamilton’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. He made the right call at the end of the race and decided not to change his tyres during the safety car. This gave him position lead.

Vettel, on the other hand, had enough time to change his tyres as he was leading the entire time. New tyres allowed him to sprint towards the finish line.

As the five-time winner of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was an overwhelming favourite on best UK betting sites. The Briton didn’t start this season as planned. He lost the Australian Grand Prix due to software malfunction, but soon got back on his feet after winning Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and shortly after that, Spanish Grand Prix. His last win was at the Circuit Paul Ricard race at the French Grand Prix. Vettel is currently leading with 171 points, while Hamilton has collected 163 points so far. The next race is scheduled for July 22nd. Stay tuned for updates from 2018 German Grand Prix.

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