Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy notice defines how (from now on referred to as “website” or “we”) gathers, guards, manages and distributes users’ personal information. The practice disclosed in this Privacy Policy notice applies to the information listed below:

  • anonymous data collecting
  • reporting
  • personally identifiable information

The Information we Collect

This part of privacy policy defines what information collects. Explicit consent from the user is required before collecting any information. We collect a set of non-sensitive information including, but not limited to, user’s name, user’s email address and anonymous info like website visits. However, we won't collect any information without your explicit consent.

Like many other commercial websites, uses ‘cookies’ to collect users’ IP addresses. Please review our Cookies Policy notice for further details about ‘cookies’ on

Collected Information Usage

This section of the Privacy Policy notice regulates how the collected information is used. is obligated to use the collected info only for the purposes stated below:

  • To improve user experience and make the website more intuitive and easier to use
  • In order to customise the site and deliver more personalised content to users
  • To respond to users' questions, inquiries, surveys and complaints
  • In order deliver operational notices
  • To send marketing emails to users’ email addresses (but only after the user has explicitly agreed to receive these promotional emails)

Statistical website visits information is used for internal purposes only, to obtain insight into how the website is used and to improve user experience with the collected info.

Furthermore, collected information can be used for the aforementioned purposes only if the purpose of the information gathering is clearly stated to the user before the information gathering begins, and only if the user has agreed to let the website collect this information.

Who do we Share Your Information With?

This section of the Privacy Policy notice refers to the circumstances under which your information can be shared with others.

We do not trade, sell, rent or in any other way transfer your personal information to third parties.

The information collected by can be used solely under the circumstances listed below:

  • If there are any indications of fraud, deceptive or illegal activities that should be investigated by authorities
  • In cases when the disclosure of information is required by law and other legal regulations
  • If it's necessary to protect legal rights and property
  • If endangering the rights or causing harm to others is in any way implied by the user

We protect all collected information about the user both offline and online. Disclosure of information is prevented by a variety of security procedures, established and specially designed to protect your info from unauthorised access and misuse.

External Links

This part of the Privacy Policy notice refers to the behaviour and privacy protection on websites connected to via external links. contains links to other websites (from now on known as external links).

These third party sites have separate Privacy Policies that we have no control off. Therefore, cannot protect personal information users provide to these websites nor can anyone hold us accountable in any way for neither the content on these third-party websites nor their actions.

Cookie Policy uses ‘cookies’ to provide the best user experience possible. ‘Cookies’ are files web server stores on the user’s hard drive that contain a small amount of data specific to each user. These files are unable to use your data, spread viruses or run programs on your computer.

Unless you disable the ‘cookies' on your web browser, it's possible that the browsers will accept ‘cookies’ automatically. To make sure that your browser doesn't accept ‘cookies’ automatically, go to settings and make necessary modifications. To disable cookies, you should follow the instructions from the website or mobile browser you are using. Here are specific instructions on how to do it in most reputable browsers:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome