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North London Derby: Arsenal shuts down alleged power swing

North London Derby: Arsenal victorious as it shuts down alleged power swing towards Tottenham

The long-awaited clash is over, and North London is red. The furious derby finishes 2-0 in favour of Arsenal and Tottenham must be disappointed. The Tottenham fans, even some players, alongside the media, have been talking about a “power swing” in North London the last few years. Arsenal shut them out this Saturday though, as they were evidently the better team.

Arsene Wenger must be happy with the result, as it is a step toward his two stars, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, staying in the team after the season. Wenger himself admitted that one win over Tottenham wouldn’t achieve that, but hopefully, more success will follow onwards that will change his two stars’ minds.

On the flipside, Tottenham’s top striker, Harry Kane still wasn’t ready to be on the pitch. Before his injury, Kane led the Premier League scoring chart, but today this wasn’t the same striker. It seems he will need some more time to get fully back into it.

The match wasn’t without controversy though. The Spurs’ manager, Mauricio Pochettino, pointed out bad refereeing as the cause for their loss. Referee Mike Dean came under fire as he gave Arsenal a free kick at the expense of Davinson Sánchez’s beautiful and completely legal over Alexis Sanchez. That free kick was the tool that helped Shkodran Mustafi score Arsenal’s first goal. Dean’s decisions regarding the second goal, which came by way of Alexis Sanchez, were questioned as well as it seemed there was an offside that wasn’t called.

This Saturday was one incredible day of Premier League football as there were many top-notch matches played. The North London derby might be a sign of things to come for the two teams. Place a bet on your favourite matches to make them even more exciting at some of the best UK betting sites!

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