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No Welsh Coaches for the Wales Rugby Team

Something is happening in Wales that not even the best betting apps could have predicted – Wales rugby team is likely not to have a Welsh coach.

Wayne Pivac and Dave Rennie

Indeed, the WRU is experiencing a weird trend. Currently, there aren’t any Welsh coaches to lead their rugby team. Because of this, the WRU is turning to two New Zealanders, Wayne Pivac and Dave Rennie. However, the WRU chief, Gareth Davies, says that Pivac and Rennie aren’t the only contenders for the coaching positions.

But how did this happen?

Davies says that Welsh coaches are unlikely to crop up because not “enough attention has been paid to developing coaches.” However, the WRU has a few names that could allow the Union to continue its tradition. Stephen Jones, Jonathan Thomas, and Dwayne Peel are three young coaches that could fill the vacant position. On the other hand, David Young is one of the older coaches that the WRU could hire. Gareth also says that the Union is going to learn from their mistakes and invest more into young coaches from now on.

However, even before this “drama” came to be, Wales was close to signing a local name to the position. You see, Dai Young should have initially become the new head coach. However, he distanced himself when he signed a long-term contract with the Wasps.

Still, Gareth Davies is optimistic. He says that in two to four years, enough Welsh natives should appear to take on the head coach role. The names are there – the WRU just needs to find and nurture them. As for the fans, they have to be patient. Hopefully, Davies’ will see his wishes fulfilled, and a new name will be at the helm of the Welsh national team. Until then, we’ll just have to believe that the WRU is making the right decisions.

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