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New Law Finally Allows Concussion Replacements in Cricket

The 2018 cricket season will see a new law in action that will allow concussion replacements. This is the first time cricket teams will be able to substitute a player who suffers a concussion adequately. The new law will apply to the County Championship, T20 Blast, One-Day Cup, and Women's Super League.

The chief medical officer of the ECB, Dr. Nick Peirce said that even though concussions are not quite frequent in cricket, they should be taken seriously. One of the problems Dr. Pierce noticed is that players are unwilling to leave the court knowing they’ll be excluded from the rest of the game. After all, no player wants to let their team down or leave them in a difficult situation.

New Law Finally Allows Concussion Replacements in Cricket

According to the new rule, if a player gets a concussion during a match, the team will be able to substitute that player. This way, the team won’t be one player short. Up until now, a substitute player didn’t have permission to bat, bowl, or act as a team captain. The “twelfth man” could only play as a substitute fielder. But now, a replacement player will be able to take full part in the game.

There is a lot of discussion about possible manipulations of the regulations. The ECB has come up with a solution that will prevent teams from taking unfair advantage of the new rule. They decided to put cricket liaison officers in charge of determining which player will come in as a substitute. However, all replacements will have to be “like for like.”

The ECB head of cricket operations, Alan Fordham, is aware that the “like for like” concept will acquire further interpretation.

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But the most important thing is that now treatment for concussions will begin immediately and not after the game. After all, this type of injury is not something that players should take lightly. We hope more sports will introduce rules like this to keep players safe and healthy.

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