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UFC Fight Night 122: Michael Bisping shook hard by Kelvin Gastelum

UFC Fight Night 122: Michael Bisping shook hard by Kelvin Gastelum

After Michael “The Count” Bisping suffered defeat at the hands of legendary welterweight Georges St-Pierre, who came back after four years out of the octagon, many people wondered what’s next for the British fighter.

As Anderson Silva failed his USADA drug test for his fight with Kevin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night 122 in Shanghai, Bisping took up the fight on short notice, only three weeks after his defeat at UFC 217.

The fight was a short one as less than three minutes into the first round, Gastelum disconnected Bisping from consciousness with a devastating left hand. The KO was one of the most brutal KOs the UFC has ever seen. It will probably remind Bisping of his KO at the hands of Dan Henderson, who after knocking the Brit out, landed a flying elbow directly on his jaw.

There were talks of retirement from Michael Bisping’s side after UFC 217, saying he might retire after a fight in England. He contradicted this as he fought Gastelum this weekend in Shanghai. Michael praised Kelvin as a fighter and said that he enjoyed the fight himself, pointing out that one shot won’t be enough to get rid of him.

It seems Bisping isn’t ready to hang up his gloves just yet, even at 38 years of age. Gastelum pointed out that he’d be happy to take up Robert Whittaker’s fight for the main event in February in Australia.

It was definitely an impressive knockout and there will probably be many more like it to follow from Gastelum. As for Bisping, it’s hard to say if the fighter will see much more success in the latter years in his career.

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