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Mercedes Makes Changes in Technical Management Structure

The Mercedes technical team is ready for new changes ahead of the next season. Aldo Costa who’s been acting as Mercedes’ engineering director until now will step down from his position. Additionally, Mark Ellis will retire from his position as the performance director. He will take a sabbatical next year. “We have said many times that you cannot freeze a successful organisation,” said Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff.

Aldo Costa explained his decision to leave his current role. Namely, the 57-year-old Italian has been one of the key people at Mercedes since 2014. Costa will resign as Mercedes’ engineer director, but will stay with the company working as a technical advisor. He plans on moving to Italy and spending more time with his family.

With Costa stepping down as Mercedes’ engineering director, John Owen who’s been the company’s chief designer will be in charge of the engineering team. James Allison will act as Mercedes’ technical director.

Costa has been carefully planning this move. He spent the last year working with Wolff and Allison on developing a plan “to help the next generation do the job in the best possible way.”

Mark Ellis has been with Mercedes since 2014. Much like Costa, he too played an important part in the company’s success. However, Ellis realised that it was time for him to retire. He’s been in the industry for two decades. He now plans to “take a sabbatical from the middle of next season.” Mercedes’ Loic Serra is set to take Mark’s position.

Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff had only the kindest words for Costa and Ellis. “I am proud that we are able to hand the baton smoothly to the next generation of leaders inside the team. We have been in discussion for many months with both Mark and Aldo about how best to implement this transition and to empower their successors. Mark and Aldo have both helped to shape the timing and manner of these changes,” said Wolff.

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