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Manchester United Players To Stand Up For Mourinho

Following Manchester United match with Newcastle, fans worldwide and on the UK betting sites are confused by the manhunt on legendary Jose Mourinho. The manhunt came around as a lot of people claim that this was a bad season for the team. However, Wayne Rooney ordered Manchester United players to stand behind Mourinho and „do better.”

Partly, it’s Mourinho’s fault, since he said he could “cope with the manhunt.” In the current climate, the famous coach feels as he’s guilty of issues such as “Brexit and even rain over London.” However, the reason is as mundane as it gets and is visible on any of the UK betting sites. The reason was a climatic finish of Manchester United and Newcastle game, where Manchester United managed to turn around the game in the last 20 minutes. Some publications estimated that Mourinho would get “sacked” regardless of the results.

Mourinho’s navigation through the storm found relief in the form of Wayne Rooney. In complete honesty, Rooney admits that players have to do better. Mourinho’s predecessor, Louis Van Gaal, shared the fate of the successor regardless of better results. As in the UK, betting sites worldwide saw Van Gaal winning with Manchester United only to get sacked after winning the FA Cup in 2016. Back then Rooney said the same thing. He believes that Van Gaal’s pitches were perfect, it’s just that the players needed to do more.

However, Mourinho’s leadership sparked different opinions on the matter. David Moyes, a former Manchester United manager, believes Mourinho retains the full backing of the club even with this season start. Moyes knows a lot about club’s inner working, since succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. Fans over the world and in the UK; betting sites included, love anyone who can turn around 2-0 situation.  

But, an ex-Premier League striker Chris Sutton is of a different opinion. Sutton states that Mourinho should “drop” the attitude of self-proclaimed guilt. Bringing together things like Brexit and rain, acting awkward in general, isn’t suited for a football coach, Sutton states. Instead, the focus should be on football.

Mourinho’s fate is uncertain, as much as Manchester United’s spot in English football. Still, it’s early to talk on his fate. While there is a popular opinion, it’s best to let time be our teacher. It holds all the right answers.


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