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Lewis Hamilton Wins Hungarian Grand Prix, Increases Lead over Vettel

Behind us is another thrilling F1 race that saw Lewis Hamilton extend his lead over his rival, Sebastian Vettel. On July 29th, Hamilton recorded another Hungarian Grand Prix win, which he previously won five times. This is Hamilton’s sixth Hungarian Grand Prix title that brought the Briton a 24-point lead over Vettel. There are just nine races left, and the drivers are taking a one-month break before the race for the 2018 World Championship title continues.

At this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton took the lead from the get-go. He was at the number one position for 25 laps when Vettel gained the leading position. The German didn’t stay on the front for too long, as after only 14 laps Hamilton claimed the leading spot once again.

Vettel made one decision that possibly cost him the victory. He decided to change his tyres 39 laps into the race. The German driver stopped to change his front-left tyre too late. He also failed to emerge ahead of Bottas who was trailing behind Hamilton during nearly the entire race. Vettel didn’t have a big enough of a lead over the Mercedes driver to squeeze in directly behind Hamilton.

In the post-race analysis, Vettel pointed out that getting ahead of Bottas would not have helped him win the race. “I think without that it would have been a much more relaxed last part of the race. Probably hunting down Lewis, but with the gap that he had, I think it would have been difficult to catch,” said Vettel.

On the other hand, the Ferrari driver was the best UK betting sites favourite to win the Budapest race. Even Hamilton didn’t believe he would win the Hungarian Grand Prix. In Hamilton’s opinion, he owes his win to his team-mate Bottas. “Without his great drive the team may not have won today,” said Hamilton.

The Briton finished the race first with Vettel in second place. Third place went to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, whereas Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo took fourth place. Hamilton’s wingman, Valtteri Bottas finished the race fifth.

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