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Lewis Hamilton Unsure about Winning 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton is slightly anxious about the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix that started yesterday. The Formula 1 driver is not convinced he’ll manage to win in the Shanghai circuit. There’s an incredible amount of pressure on the British racing driver. So far, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has been giving headaches to the defending World Drivers' Champion. World’s number two has been taking wins away from Hamilton. Vettel was better than Hamilton three times so far this year.

The first race of the year was the Australian Grand Prix. Due to a weak communication and software malfunction, the British Formula 1 champion lost the opening race to Vettel. UK betting sites’ favourite, Hamilton was in shock to see Vettel finishing the race ahead of him.

Before this year’s Australian Grand Prix race, Hamilton and Vettel held the same winning record at Australia’s annual race. Hamilton won the Australian Grand Prix in 2008 and 2015, while Vettel won the same race in 2011 and 2017. This year, the German driver added another victory to his winning streak by winning the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.

The next race of the year was on April 8th, namely the Bahrain Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel came out as the ultimate winner of the second opening race in 2018. The race was unpredictable, and for Vettel, this was perhaps one of the best performances in his career. By winning the Bahrain race, Vettel secured a 17-point lead over Hamilton.

It’s easy to understand why Hamilton is not confident about winning this season. Before today’s race in Shanghai, Hamilton was not sure if he would win the race. As it turned out, he had every reason to worry about the outcome of the race. Today, the British driver saw Vettel taking another victory away from him. Vettel is now 17 points ahead of Hamilton with 18 races to go.

We’re eager to see the outcome of tomorrow’s Chinese Grand Prix race, as well as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix race on April 29th.

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