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Giants Rick Stone Sacked, Chris Thorman Temporary Replacement

As of Tuesday, March 27th Rick Stone is no longer the head coach of Huddersfield Giants. The 51-year-old is replaced by Chris Thorman, but only temporarily. The Giants appointed Rick as the team’s head coach in 2016. But now, based on the results he delivered, Rick has been shown the door.

Richard Thewlis told reporters that the Huddersfield Giants are thankful to Stone for everything he has done for the club. Thewlis further described Stone as both an exceptional person and coach. However, the results are not going in favour of the former Newcastle coach.

The Giants played seven games in the last two months. During this time, the team lost to Wigan Warriors, Hull KR, Wakefield, St Helens, and Hull FC. That is two wins in seven games. As a result, Huddersfield now ranks 11th with only one team behind them. Right now, the Giants have low chances of becoming champions, and you don't need UK betting sites to figure that out.

But will the Giants manage to turn things around, and rise from the bottom of the table?

Huddersfield’s temporary coach, Thorman is confident he can get some wins for the team. This is not the first time we see Thorman as the interim head coach. In 2016, when Huddersfield fired Paul Anderson, Thorman also had to step into the head coach’s shoes temporarily.

What’s great about Giant’s temporary coach is that Chris has a lot of experience both as a player and as a coach. During his career as a rugby player, Thorman had some of the best coaches, including brothers Brian and Tony Smith, and Jon Sharp, among others. The 37-year-old played for Huddersfield Giants too, so he’s quite familiar with the team.

Thorman said that working with Stone was a fantastic experience, but the two coaches didn’t share the same philosophies. “There were some subtleties that I would have changed, and I have the opportunity to do that. I know this group better than anybody, and I think I know what we need to do,” Thorman said.

We hope that Thorman’s strategy works and that the Giants move from the bottom of the table. Their next game is tomorrow, and they’ll be playing against Leeds Rhinos. Good luck, Giants!

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