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GB Men’s Curling Team Failed to Secure a Spot in the Semi-Finals

Yesterday, Great Britain men’s curling squad had an opportunity to qualify for the curling semi-finals in the Winter Olympics. However, after losing a tie-breaker game against Switzerland, the boys are out of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.

GB Men's Curling Team Failed to Secure a Spot in the Semi-Finals


The match was no joke; both teams were evenly matched on the betting sites, with no apparent favourite. However, Kyle Smith and his teammates managed to take the lead and hold on to it until the final end. Despite Britain leading the game for eight ends, Switzerland managed to score a five-point stone in the ninth end, closing the game 9-5 in their favour.

Scott Smith, Great Britain’s skip, said, “We gave it our best shot, but that’s the dream over. It’s a sore one. We started very strong, and we put ourselves in a great position. A couple of missed shots were the difference in the game. We gave ourselves the chance of making the semi-finals, but we couldn’t make it happen.”

On the other hand, Britain’s coach Viktor Kjell couldn’t hide his disappointment. He said, “I just don’t know what happened in that ninth end. We missed four or five shots in a row, and you cannot afford to do that at this level. I thought we’d almost got away with it and then he plays a pistol shot and walks away with a five.”

Even though Britain’s curling didn’t reach semi-finals, they played some incredible games in this year’s Winter Olympics. Furthermore, they proved that they can compete at the highest level. So, we are sure that in four years, GB men will return stronger and more motivated to secure a medal.

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