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England Wins But Still Has Some Homework to Do

England may have beaten Tunisia, but there is still room for improvements. Their first match at the World Cup should have been a routine one, but the Lions barely managed to get a win.

England Wins But Still Has Some Homework to Do

There is no question that Gareth Southgate’s team was dominant in the first half. The Tunisians were completely taken aback by the Lions’ ferocity, but they recovered somewhat after the penalty. On the other hand, during the second half, we saw a different Tunisia, as well as tired Brits. Luckily, Kane was there to score a header in the stoppage time, and save England from embarrassment.

But Southgate doesn’t have a moment to rest. He has his work cut out for him, despite the win. There were plenty of problems on the offensive end for the Brits, as only one of six opportunities in the first half ended in the net.

One of the weakest links in the English team is Raheem Sterling. Sterling has scored only twice in 39 matches he’s played for England. Sure, the managers like him, but his performance is severely lacking, making him a huge liability. England’s defence doesn’t seem all that impressive either, and a question still stands how will they fend off more potent attacks in the WC. England defended well, but Kyle Walker’s inexperience (or negligence) did award a penalty to the opposition.

However, there’s one constant on the English team, and that’s Harry Kane. As the youngest captain ever, he should be feeling the pressure, but he seems to relish it. He played marvellously and carried his team through the tough second half. Undeniably, he’s the man of the hour, and he just might be the man of the tournament for England.

So, everyone who placed their bets on England through their UK football betting apps can relax. England seems to be in good shape for now, and we’re more than eager to see them play with newfound confidence against Panama on the 24th.

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