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Danny Brough Signs Contract Extension with the Giants

Hard work pays off and Danny Brough is the living proof of it. Earlier this week, the Giants half-back signed a one-year contract extension, and he is pleased to be playing with the team for another season.

Danny scored more than 1,600 points for the Giants, and his exceptional play couldn’t go unnoticed. The Giants’ coach, Rick Stone wanted Danny to continue playing under the claret and gold colours for another year.

Danny Brough Signs Contract Extension with the Giants

According to Rick Stone, Brough is a vital part of the team, and having played for Huddersfield for eight years, has a lot of experience. This experience is something Brough can pass on to young team players. As Stone further explained, the club wouldn’t sign him for another year if they weren’t sure Borough would continue to invest his best efforts in every game.

After signing a one-year contract extension the Giants star said, “This is where I want to be.”

Commenting further on his contract extension Brough said, “After signing the extension, I just want to keep on playing as long as I can and make sure that I’m playing the best rugby that I can.”

The Giants’ triumphed over Widnes Vikings on Friday, March 9, 2018. During the game, Brough scored 12 points, and this secured the player seventh place on the Super League’s list of the top point scorers. This was one of the main reasons Brough got a contract extension.

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During his career, Danny was on the list of players who won the Albert Goldthorpe Medal award three times. In 2013, the rugby league football player won two awards. One of the awards was the Man of Steel Award and the other RLIF Five-Eighth of the Year. Brough made 232 appearances since he joined Huddersfield back in 2010. We look forward to seeing more of him in 2018.

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