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Conor McGregor has presented the UFC with demands for his comeback fight

The Notorious has reminded the UFC of his request back when he beat Eddie Alvarez. He’s asking for co-promotion as well as him becoming a shareholder in the company. McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather with the UFC backing him in what was the spectacle of the year. The Irishman points out that he wants that cooperation to continue, and we can’t blame him. His company’s partnership with the UFC has been successful in creating the most hyped up fight of all time; the tools are there for McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

Conor McGregor has presented the UFC with demands for his comeback fight

Another fighter asked the same out of the UFC once, but wasn’t successful. Fedor Emelianenko asked for the UFC to co-promote with his company M1 Global, but the UFC refused. The UFC's reasoning was that Fedor himself never fought under the UFC banner but instead fought for the competition. Can’t blame the UFC there; it's perfect and sound logic, which also leads to the fact that the 29-year-old fighting sensation, McGregor, is in a much better situation.

Not only has he fought under the UFC banner, McGregor has put the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the company itself in a wider spotlight than they have ever been in, and he knows it. The Notorious has been declared the “pay-per-view king”, drawing huge amounts of viewers and money for the company. The most talked UFC fight to-be is, of course, the Nate Diaz trilogy fight. All of these reasons, combined with the fact that McGregor is in a more-than-comfortable financial situation, puts him in the driving seat of these negotiations.

As he says it, “They’ve got to entice me now because I came from a billion dollar fight, so they’ve got to entice me with something.” The UFC knows that McGregor will bring them a lot of money with every single fight that he’s involved in, it’s a matter of if they want to give in to a fighter’s demands.

Seems likely that the UFC want him to fight more than he does. “They’re trying to get me back before the end of the year to make the company money so they can re-service the debt after the big $4.2billion (£3.2bn) sale and all these bollocks, and I’m sitting there watching them type of wars I came through, back-to-back-to-back, and watching how I got there, and I’m like, I need to take my time here. I’m in no hurry.” said Conor.

Even though the fighter lost the spectacle fight against Floyd Mayweather, he proved he can handle his own in the ring against the very best. Going back to the octagon, the fighter sits at a 21-3 professional record, with his only loss in the UFC being to Nate Diaz. McGregor got his revenge on Nate soon after, putting their score at 1-1. The potential trilogy fight as the score setter is probably the biggest fight the UFC has in their cards right now; a Conor vs Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson title unification fight being the second biggest. Seems like Conor really is on the driving wheel.

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