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Barry Hearn to Introduce New Measures for Slow Players

Barry Hearn of Matchroom Sport announced some exciting news for the snooker world. One of the innovations Hearn is eager to introduce is finding appropriate measures to speed up slow snooker players. The other news coming from Hearn is that the World Snooker Championship will bring larger prize money this year.

First on Hearn’s list is slow play at the professional snooker level. The 69-year old plans to monitor slow play, and the next season will see players’ average shot times. As Hearn explained, snooker needs to be entertaining. Right now, he fears that many players don’t pay attention to the fun part of the sport.

The sports promoter has the “name and shame” approach on his mind as the most effective solution for slow play. Hearn plans on publishing players’ average shot times every three months starting next year. He understands and will allow some shots to take more time, but Hearn’s goal is to get the numbers based on the entire season. UK betting sites fans will undoubtedly have more fun while watching snooker when the new changes roll out.

Hearn didn’t want to name individual players who are prone to slow play. However, we’ll share with you the average shot times of top snooker players. Mark Selby’s average shot time this season was 23.03 seconds, while John Higgins is somewhat quicker with the average shot time of 22.11 seconds. The fastest snooker player is Ronnie O’Sullivan, whose shots take 16.99 seconds on average.

Another piece of news Hearn recently talked about is the prize money in snooker tournaments. The winner of this year’s World Snooker Championship will walk away with £500,000. Additionally, the total prize money is £2.25 million.

Hearn also shared his thoughts on the prize money changes for the next year. “We’re going to make quite a few prize money changes next year, but the concentration of those changes, outside of the World Championship, will be predominantly at the second and third round loser stage,” Hearn said.

That means that starting next year, we should see higher money prizes for lower-ranked players.

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