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Atletico Madrid Beats Arsenal to Reach the Europa League Finals

On May 3rd, Arsenal visited the Wanda Metropolitano to play the second leg tie with Atletico Madrid. The semi-final stage of the Europa League already saw the clash of the two clubs in their first leg tie that ended with a draw. The second tie was far more important, and both teams needed only one goal to enter the final stage of the European competition. Unfortunately for Arsenal, Atletico Madrid managed to secure a place in the finals thanks to Diego Costa’s goal.

After a defeat from Atletico Madrid, Arsene’s men can only hope to lift the Europa League silverware. Wenger is not ready to give up yet, even though he will soon leave the club. As Wenger told reporters, he wanted to finish his Arsenal career with a win. This was Wenger’s last chance to win the UEFA Europa League trophy after failing to do so for the past 22 years.

During the match, there was a lot of tension in the air. The Atletico Madrid men were eager to reach the Europa League finals once again, while Arsenal found themselves on their opponents’ turf. This season, away games weren’t Arsenals strongest area.

Even best betting sites favoured Atletico Madrid to win the tie. Furthermore, Atletico’s Diego Simeone decided to call backup and have Diego Costa play in Thursday’s game. The Brazilian was a serious problem for Arsenal in the past, and this time he’s done the same.

At the very end of the first half, Diego managed to score the deciding goal for Atletico Madrid, and launch the club into the European finals.

Arsenal probably regrets their performance during the first leg tie with Atletico. Wenger’s team had too many chances they missed. In the first clash with Atletico, Arsenal played on their territory. Out of 28 shots, they managed to turn only one into a goal. Have they been more concentrated, perhaps they could’ve done better in the competition. This way, it took Atletico one goal to seal their victory and secure a spot in the Europa League finals.

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