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Anthony Joshua Wins the WBO Belt after a Rather Boring Match

On March 31st, we had a chance to watch the fight between New Zealand-born Joseph Parker and the three-title holder, Anthony Joshua. The two titans stayed on their feet for 12 rounds, but Joshua eventually won the match. The British boxer has now increased his title count to four, having won the WBO world heavyweight title on Saturday.

The fight between Joshua and Parker failed to impress many boxing fans. Some referred to the bout as a game of chess instead of a ferocious fight everyone was expecting. The match was lacking action so much that boxing fans put the match referee in the spotlight.

Giuseppe Quartarone, the referee, received a lot of criticism for breaking up the fight “too often.”  Hadn’t he intervened so much, maybe we would’ve seen a more exciting fight, similar to last week’s fight between Browne and Whyte.

All things aside, Joshua won the WBO title by unanimous decision. What was also a unanimous decision is the favourite of the best UK betting sites. For industry’s leading bookmakers, Joshua was an overwhelming favourite.

Anthony’s record summary is still impeccable after defeating Parker. The British boxer won all the fights he’s had so far. What’s different about his winning streak is that the match with Parker is the first fight that the boxer didn’t win by a knockout.

“I'm trying to display a few different things while I'm here to add to my legacy,” Joshua said a while ago. After we’ve seen his fight with Parker, we now know what Joshua has been talking about. We also know that the British boxer holds great respect for Guillermo Rigondeaux who’s an amazing technician. Perhaps we’ll see more of that influence in Joshua’s future fights.

The question is – who will be the next Joshua’s opponent. The logical guess is Deontay Wilder, who now owns the only title missing from Anthony’s collection, the WBC title. The fight talks will likely start next week. We’ll see if Wilder will give Joshua the opportunity to either add another title to his name or have the first-ever loss in his, so far, untarnished boxing career.

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