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Welcome to Our Betting Sites Review

If you love football, you will love it here. It doesn’t matter which team you support, we make the beautiful game of football fun.

Are you wondering who we are? My friends and I are just a bunch of football lovers that want to make your life easier. I love Manchester United, so does Jason and Lucas, although I don’t understand why Martin is so in love with Arsenal. Well, that’s his choice and it doesn’t stop all of us from enjoying this game.

No matter the team you support, we are all one big happy family here. We found this site to give football lovers something that is real. You know what they say, “put your money where your mouth is” – We want to ensure that you are putting your money where you have more chances of catching fun and even earning from the game.

As humans, we appreciate value. You cannot just enter any shop and purchase the first cloth you see. You will need to take your time and shop around a little bit before you make your choice, right? The same principle also applies in football betting.

We get that you love your team and you want to support them both on and off the pitch… but guess who doesn’t care? Bookmakers!

Sports betting, especially football betting is one area we are very familiar with. You know that the popularity of the internet has made it easier to place a bet online, it has also attracted thousands of bookmakers who don’t give a f**k. These bookmakers want to rip you off. But we won’t allow them.

You know why? Because we have been a victim! If you can remember in 2009 when Manchester won Champions league, I and Jason predicted the win, we eventually won over ₤47,000 but our bookmakers never paid us. He ran away. We have also experienced other instances of football betting scam. We won’t fold our hands and watch others fall victim. We know that we may be too small and seriously underfunded to sanitize this industry, but we can do our best by bringing to you a review of the best football sites where you can trust the merchant, bet with peace of mind, and enjoy your loot.

That sound good, right? We are not being arrogant, it is a promise that we intend to keep.

Our site provides you with a comprehensive review of the best football betting sites the web has to offer. We don’t just pick bookmakers because they are popular, we use a range of factors to analyze them and come up with the top options based on what football punters want.

Given the popularity of football, it is no surprise that a lot of football betting sites are coming and many of them are claiming what they are not. As football lovers, we may have our preferences, but that doesn’t mean we will be biased in our opinion.

We are very objective when we are analyzing sport betting sites because we want to give you the best. We check various factors such as:

  • The bookmaker’s reputation
  • The bookmaker’s history
  • Whether the site is focused on just football betting or covering all the major sports for sports betting
  • The sites responsiveness
  • Sign-up bonus
  • We check whether the site is legal
  • Other bonuses
  • Payment and Withdrawal methods
  • Customer service
  • Sports betting tips in general analysis

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will always bring to you a comprehensive review of the best sport betting sites in the world. Our hope is that no one will ever lose his money again to scam betting sites. We assure you that we don’t receive compensation to review a site. Instead, we only write an honest and unbiased review of best sport betting sites around the world.

Responsible Betting

Our site is an advocate of responsible betting. Football is a beautiful game designed to entertain us. It should be enjoyed. You should see betting as a way to catch fun and not a business or do-or-die affair. Please note that while there are chances to increase your odds of winning, there is no guarantee you will win every game you bet.

We don’t support betting with what you cannot afford to lose. Don’t borrow money to bet and don’t bet with the money you need to live. Bet only to have fun!